Bath Botanical Package
Bath Botanical Package
Bath Botanical Package

Bath Botanical Package

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Close your eyes and relax. Soak in a warm bath filled with a selection of botanicals, minerals and premium oils designed to clear the mind and indulge the senses.


This package includes

1 x Wildflower + Sea Salt Bath Soak

1 x Lavender + Patchouli Bath Oil

1 x Sowkh Bath Bomb

1 x Hazelbaby Soy Candle 

1 x Loofah Slice 


Bath Soak - Revitalize your skin and relax the spirit with this indulgent Sea salt bath soak. Just close your eyes and float away in a bath full of wildflowers, Minerals and beautifully scented essential oils... BLISS!

Bath Oil -  Step into a bath with heightened scent therapy, and step out with soft, supple and hydrated skin. A cap full will turn your warm bath water into a heavenly experience. Mix with the wildflower + Sea Salt bath soak for added indulgence.

Hazelbaby Candle - A hand poured Soy candle that comes in three beautiful scents with 33hrs+ burn time, these tins are most suitable to small rooms such as bathrooms and bedrooms.

Sowkh Bath Bomb - Inspired by natures mind, body and soul healing wonders, sowkh combines the use of earth derived skin loving ingredients only. Know that when when you're bathing in sowkh, your experience will be of pure, relaxing, detoxifying, cleansing, skin softening and therapeutic nature. Only ever naturally coloured, naturally scented and handmade with love - feel natures love on your skin and also from within.


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